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The title, year of publication, and a brief synopsis of each of Kathy’s books is included below.

Every Good and Perfect Gift (A Christmas Devotional) - 2014

Cat Lover's Devotional - 2012

Dog Lover's Devotional

For friends of felines and canines, you’ll find these collections a pleasant read. Both are available as e-books too: Adobe Digital, Kindle, and MobiPocketEditions. These two titles are reprints ofCat Nips and Dogma published in 2003.

Snakes, Snails, Puppy Dog Tales- 2009

This devotional includes a wide range of true animal stories from people all over the planet. Many dog, cat, and birdstories are in this collection, but so are stories of unlikely pets. Chimps, iguanas, goldfish, snakes, a sugar glider, and yes, even a pet snail. Fun reads with biblical life lessons for adults and children.

Little Whiskers of Wisdom

Little Wags of Wisdom- 2009

These two gift booklets contain simple quotes about our favorite pets.

Seekers…Finders- 2001

Have you ever wondered what it was like to encounter the Lord Jesus Christ while He walked in flesh on the earth? This collection of biblical historical fiction will take you back to first century Palestine to mingle with people (real and imagined) who did so. Of all the books Kathy has written, this is her favorite.

Short Stories from Days Gone By- 2000

This collection of stories include accounts from World War II: a young RN who saw the horrors of war in North Africa and Italy; a soldier whose most ferocious foe during the war was a Bengal tiger; a GI who found deliverance from a growing alcohol addiction because of a friendship with a five year old girl. The book is a delightful collection of true stories from a bygone era of those who have been called “The Greatest Generation.”

Short Stories for Long Rainy Days- 1998

More Short Stories for Long Rainy Days

For you romantics, this is chick lit from the late 20th century—before computers, cell phones, IM, and expensive gasoline. This light reading is just the ticket whether you’re traveling, or snuggled by the fire while snow falls.

With one exception, the following books are devotional collections which Kathy has contributed to with a number of other authors. All have been published by Barbour Publishing in Uhrichsville, OH.

Whispers of Wisdom for Busy Women - 2008

Whispers of Wisdom for Young Women - 2008

Blissfully Blended (Devotional Collection for Stepmoms)- 2010

Heavenly XOXO for Women - 2011

is a collection of short stories. Kathy has two titles in this book.

Heavenly Humor series:

…for the Cat Lover’s Soul - 2010

…for the Dog Lover’s Soul - 2010

…for the Teacher’s Soul - 2011

…for the Grandmother’s Soul - 2012

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